Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today is a day of eternal mourning,
And a day of utmost inspiration to me.
A year to this date and I have traversed an abyss of promise and emotion.
A year to this date and I have commuted a journey that presented the most cynical circumstance to me.
A year to this date and I have observed epiphany in motion.
Survival is just a perfunctory continuation and a compromise with reality. Thriving is the real and difficult thing.

I celebrate this momentous year of downs. My new year begins today.
Trivialities and ambiguities are now left behind.
Clarity, reason and change are my best friends.
Dynamism, diligence and detachment are my three pillars.
Hope is only the hangman that tightens the noose from behind your back.

Cheers to the drink called my life; where every sip has the bitterness of reminiscence and the careless mirth of ambition.

Dedicated to ME.


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