Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sea Change by Beck

I am currently listening to an album called Sea Change by Beck Hansen, also called Beck. The genre is ambiguous.

This album has the distinction of being ONLY the second album EVER to be given the full "5 stars" by the Rolling Stones magazine. The second album is one of Bruce Springsteen's, can't remember which. Sea Change was written in a week's time only, after Beck's split with his girlfriend of 9 years. The underlying theme of all the songs in the album is this.

Never have I been affected so much by any work of art, may it be music or a book et al. The music is hauntingly melancholy, the lyrics disarmingly touching. The fact that I am listening to it at 3:30 AM in the morning bears testimony to this fact. I was introduced to this album by my former flatmate AOneShuman in May, but hadn't really concentrated on it. And I happened to stumble across it again quite recently.

The Rolling Stone review here:

Such sadness is incomprehensible.

A salute to the Dylan and Morrison of our age!

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