Saturday, November 22, 2008

A day in my life

23.05.08-Today, was one of the better days of my life.

From early morning to evening I had nothing absolutely to do. My Ipod had run out of charge, my phone battery was low and it was annihilated by a couple of long calls. My laptop battery runs for 4 minutes and within that timeframe I surfed Orkut, checked my email, read four lines of Book 1 of the Bartimaeus Trilogy before the battery feebly died. I read no books (ebook, study book or novel). Plus there was no electricity, no water. And I was and am miserably sick and I was alone. Such sad times bring out the best in people, and I found the best companion I could ever: Me, Myself and NO Irene.

During the day, I stared at the sun, at the trees, drank water, strummed a few notes on the guitar, drank water again and again (it was humid), opened the refrigerator and closed it many times, strummed again, reconstructed the 1st World War, a map of Africa, tried my hand at Gabriel G Marquez and left it after 3 lines, sang an awful rendition of Lost for Words by Floyd, Hello by Blackfield and a spiteful version of Blunderwall oops, you know what, almost started writing a modern day satire on Lord of the Rings etc etc.

I realized what I had been doing over the past two years: reading less, writing lesser, working excessively at times for stupid things, being inherently nice and looking for goodness in others. Well, no more Mr. Nice guy, meet Dr. Nasty.
And so the day passed and never have I been so close to myself and at peace.
At the end, I happened to eat some stale rolls from Monginis and am sick again.

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