Monday, December 1, 2008


What is it with India, Pakistan and Kashmir? Or Cashmere :) Like the wool, good to see, nice to touch, criminal to use!

This conflict has been raging on perennially now. Time to put an end to a dismal relationship. What is it the Kahva boys want? I wouldn't know for I haven't been there nor have interacted with anyone. From what the local and international media tells me, I get paradoxical viewpoints. I feel they want out. So let them. What's the point of holding on to something thats slowly slipping out of your grasp, it is like holding on to a porcupine, it hurts and pokes and bleeds but you just don't want to let go. If they want autonomy, I suggest grant it, it will ease half our problems and take away the Pakis only contention with us.

But of course we can't do it, Kashmir is an integral part of us. The already fragmented country we have, one wouldn't be surprised if the North-East follows suit. What do you expect of a country that has 26 state languages (or more?). Perhaps, we are the only country in the world with such a distinction (or is it a curse?). Be it the Chinese, Russkis, Amrikans, they always have one uniform language. But that is perhaps food for another article. Let's not go there.

Coming back to dear Kashmir, I think the ideal course of action is to make it the de facto Switzerland of the south and not a namesake. The Swiss have for ages been at the center of a raging storm and have been left unscathed. Be it the dear Kaiser or the detestable Hitler :), they haven't been bothered with. I envisage something similar for Kashmir. A hub of terrorism to a hub of tourism.

How do we do it? I am no foreign policy expert, but setting up an autonomous government would be the first step. It antagonizes and pains me to no end to even think about it. Sigh! Ideally, we could set up a puppet government there. So, the people on both sides are satisfied. Of course, this is strictly my view as a radically liberal Indian. Personally, I prefer military dictatorships. Total occupation ;)

We could get in an International peacekeeping force there so the Pakis can keep their dirty hands, feet of the land and their noses of the pure air. An international presence would also keep them Pakis on their toes and restrict or rather put an end to their unclean motives.

We, India can then concentrate on sweeping our armed forces into Pakiland through the green fields of Punjab and the deserts of Rajasthan and the swamps of Kutch and put an end to our blood feud. A joke :D

Perhaps, with our resources saved, we can then concentrate on education, health and most importantly, build our factious country into one unit where language or religion is no barrier. Our favorite chant is unity in diversity or being proud of our culture, but that's just an empty claim. For once, lets build a real country, a process that failed in 1947.

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At December 3, 2008 at 9:47 PM , Blogger crackhead said...

:D interesting perspective must say
I have a real twisted version of the recent attack in Mumbai .. some day over a mug of beer or a glass of scotch ..we'll talk about it and laugh, fear, shiver over the thought of it or it's occurrence and raise a toast to the spirit of India, Indianess (if such a thing exists) or to anything which might transpire by then.
cheers my dear friend, your presence here is sorely missed :)

your nemesis or anything or anyone,



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