Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Texing

Well, first to the title, it isn't a spelling mistake. Well, that's obvious innit? I don't make spelling mistakes ever. Alright, before I veer off in some tangential direction, I have to focus my thoughts on my rant.

I have never been a decision maker. I have always been wedded to the blissful wife that goes by the name ignorance and I loved her too much. For every decision that I have ever taken, the situation was never under my control. I preferred to keep or rather throw the ball in someone else's court so that I would be at the receiving end of a decision.

Alright, chuck it. Hindi movie jingles and flashback. Sunlight streaming in on the camera.
The last time I took a decision. Well I remember vividly, don't I? Only time I ever let my brain do the talking and it did me no good. That was almost 6 years ago. I was confused between what to do after my 12th. Medicine and Engineering were the two options; and like a cruel joke of fate, one was expensive (private medical college) and the other something I was never interested in and detested to a certain extent; To the extent that I skipped integration and derivatives in 12th.
I was the idealist then, wanted to be self sustainable when I still am not and can never be! Like the good, concerned, overtly idiotic child I chose engineering and lived to tell the tale. Eventually, when I look back upon it in a nutshell, I guess it was the right decision. I would have been miserable amongst those whitecoats and the chicas.

I find myself in a similar position today. There is GWU, the cold of DC, a stone's throw from the White House (not that I would dare to, probably have invisible lasers surrounding the place shooting things down), considerably high tuition and living expenses but the saving grace of my sister's house in Maryland, and the killing grace of the thought of staying with a sister again!

On the other hand, by a quirk of fate, I have an admit from Texas A&M. All you engineering sods planning their MS'es don't go gaga. The Bush School (cries of anguish) is good, one of the new prestigious ones that has a great course relevant to my interests. But in the end, it is not the best. There went my UN dreams with GW. But hey, the CIA recruits at Bush \m/.

GWU is one of the best. But I am slightly inclined towards the Bush School (bigger cries of anguish) because it is turning out to be almost 1/3rd of the costs even if I don't work anytime. Plus, I had a small scholarship which I just declined yesterday as the deadline ran out because I don't want to commit to any school, just yet. Again my inherent failure in making decisions. Now I have upto May 11 to commit to Bush (biggest cries of anguish yet, Oh C'mon, its named for his poppa, not the end of the world) without the financial aid. Even without the aid, the costs are still way way cheaper.

Now, the crueler twist of fate is that Texas is one of the last places on Earth I ever wanted to land on, the list in descending order of livability goes thus, Norway, Switzerland, NZ, ...Iraq, Afghanistan, Texas, Pakistan. But I am adapting, i.e. watching cowboy, rodeo movies, throwing Howdy at strangers on the street, following TV evangelists, planning to buy a rifle and go hunting in the forests of Borivli etc.

I don't want to leave Bombay weather to land again in Bombay weather. Aaargh.

What was this article about? Oh yes, my desire to create new words.
Texing : To be super confused about the intention of doing something. Something against your wishes, something you never wanted to, never wildly dreamt of. It happens because the universe always conspires against you. Eat me Rhonda Byrne.

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At April 21, 2009 at 6:06 PM , Blogger Pagan Winter said...

That list of yours, starts with Norway, meaning that's the best place to live in, isn't it...?
Or the best of the worst places?
It better not be that...

You'd also need to start walking as if you had some boils/infections in the nether region... like 'em cowboys...
And ya, watch a lot of Chuck Norris movies...

At April 22, 2009 at 12:29 PM , Blogger Wendol said...

Of course. Norway is the best place to live in :-)
Haha to Chuck Norris. But I have already seen enough of Rajnikanth. i think that should suffice :-D


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