Monday, June 22, 2009


Once in a while and if you are the lucky kind, once in a rare while; there comes a day when everything goes wrong. I mean everything. Things that are generally very usual by behavior and history, turn chaotic beyond measure.

This is one of those days that you wake up on a hot, muggy morning and realize that you are out of toothpaste. Wait, rewind just a bit, you step out of your bed and realize the house is flooded because you forgot to turn a tap off at night. And as a happening of pissenstance, many factors contribute to it,
Something got clogged somewhere.
You worked late at night and thus naturally overslept.
You switched on the rumbling AC at full blast and thus didn't hear a sound.
Your laptop is on the floor amidst the flood and is still working, albeit strikingly dripping.
You almost keep all your life's worth of documents on the floor (almost).

You move on angry, after an hour of cleaning and calls and ring-a-bells from intruding neighbors. Then the following happens.

1.) There is no cab to take you to work.
2.) You look for a long time, start sweating and still don't find one.
3.) You get caught up in some unusual traffic and swear at the traffic cops who stop the traffic lights and direct the jams on their own.
4.) Your laptop crashes at work.
5.) Your dad sends you wrong and incomplete documents. And the CA is unavailable to rectify it.
6.) Your favorite restaurant is closed at lunchtime because of water shortage.
7.) It doesn't rain.
8.) A work trip gets postponed, uncomfortably close to a very important date.
9.) You transfer some money to an account, and considering the omens of the day, it naturally doesn't happen. Something that should happen in a couple of hours, takes 3 days and you are left to borrow bits and pieces to complete the 46k for your ticket in 24 hours. If you miss the booking, its gonna cost 20k more!
10.) You send an urgent courier home and with a commitment of a 1 day delivery, and it is lost in Kolhapur for 3 days.
11.) Your office internet doesn't work and you have a very important email to send.
12.) You have a meeting with your counselor at 6 and as it so happens, your boss schedules an emergency meeting at 6.
13.) You stand for 20 minutes outside your workplace, one of the busiest streets in central Bombay and don't find a cab.
14.) Your counselor's internet also crashes.
15.) She inputs some wrong information in your visa form. Thankfully, you notice it.
16.) Before the above two, she makes you wait for 30 minutes.
17.) Naturally, you don't find a cab home for a while.
18.) Before that, you go to Birdy's and realize your favorite sandwich is out of stock.
19.) You fall sick at night.
20.) Your favorite team loses its match.
21.) Your favorite ice cream is not available in your nearby store.
22.) Your favorite shirt has some grease smeared on it.
23.) Your favorite girl is busy and unavailable to talk.

God of Chaos - Seteh/Set/Seth day. Everything goes wrong day.

Surprisingly, everything went better than expected the next day.
Does the universe also conspire for you at times?